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Cycling the Great North Road became a popular past time in the late Victorian and early Edwardian period. Today’s car and truck drivers should perhaps.....

Ogilby’s Britannia

John Ogilby published an early road atlas of England and Wales. Each of his chosen roads was displayed in linear form. The route from London to Barwick....

History of The Post

The Great North Road developed as a means of faster and more frequent transport of people and goods, but it was the needs of the emerging postal service that....

Burghley House

The route of Ermine Street runs through the Burghley estate and remains a public footpath. The Great North Road ran alongside the estate as the road winds.....

Alconbury Junction

Alconbury has long been an important junction of major routes. It is where the Old North Road and the Great North Road routes from London converged.....

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was born on 25th December 1642 at Woolsthorpe close to the Great North Road near Colsterworth. Woolsthorpe Manor is now a National Trust.....

Norman Cross

Norman Cross is no major settlement but it has been a well known point of interest along the Great North Road for centuries. It is now necessary to make.....

Stamford Canal

The Stamford Canal was the longest canal with locks in the country when it was opened, preceding the 'canal age' by around 100 years. By the 16th century.....

Prehistoric & Roman Origins

Before AD 500

The Saxon & Medieval Road

AD 500 to 1500


AD 1500 to 1900

Motor Vehicles & the A1

After 1900





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