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Edinburgh Castle


Edinburgh Castle is the northerly “bookend” of the Great North Road as St Paul’s Cathedral is in the south. Not strictly on the road but both...

Edinburgh Castle2023-09-25T09:02:53+00:00

Celia Fiennes


Celia Fiennes was an early travel writer. She toured extensively through England in the late 17th century. Her diaries describe many of the towns...

Celia Fiennes2023-08-04T12:12:21+00:00

Markham Moor – Service Station


Few 20th century landmarks along the Great North Road are as distinctive as the concrete roofline of the former petrol filling station at Markham...

Markham Moor – Service Station2023-07-23T17:49:41+00:00

Then & Now


"The Great North Road - Then and Now" is the title of an excellent 2013 book by lorry driver and roads enthusiast, Chris "Wolfie" Cooper. I suspect many of his loads were not...

Then & Now2023-07-18T17:00:11+00:00

The Battle of Barnet


The Battle of Barnet may sound like a dispute between commuters on the Northern Line but in fact took place in 1471 and some 3,000 people died. It was one of the...

The Battle of Barnet2023-07-03T16:36:26+00:00

1832 Time Travel – London to York


James Fox, alias the Time Travel Artist, includes a little gem of a video amongst his many animated history timelines. Our journey from London to York traces the route of the Great...

1832 Time Travel – London to York2023-06-29T11:58:20+00:00



Lincoln was a key staging post for the Romans as they pushed north following the invasion of AD43. It was a focus of the Roman Road network and was a primary...


York Minster


York Minster history spans two millennia and provides direct linkage from Roman times to the present. Its history parallels that of the Great North Road...

York Minster2023-10-25T17:15:30+00:00

The Eleanor Crosses


The Eleanor Crosses constructed in the 1290s to commemorate the passing of the queen were prominent landmarks alongside the Great North Road at Grantham...

The Eleanor Crosses2023-05-03T15:52:19+00:00

Daniel Defoe


Daniel Defoe was an early travel writer who wrote with descriptive detail about what he saw. Most of the towns and cities along the Great North Road are recorded...

Daniel Defoe2023-08-03T12:28:09+00:00
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