I’m definitely not the only one with a GNR obsession. Many have written about their journeys and there are several videos which further help you experience aspects of the Great North Road.

Celia Fiennes

Celia Fiennes was an early travel writer. She toured extensively through England in the late 17th century. Her diaries describe many of the towns...

Then & Now

"The Great North Road - Then and Now" is the title of an excellent 2013 book by lorry driver and roads enthusiast, Chris "Wolfie" Cooper. I suspect many of his loads were not...

1832 Time Travel – London to York

James Fox, alias the Time Travel Artist, includes a little gem of a video amongst his many animated history timelines. Our journey from London to York traces the route of the Great...

Carlton Reid – 2021 Video

Journalist, historian and cycling enthusiast, Carlton Reid, took to the Great North Road in a Morgan open top car – and a fold-up bike. His video promises “oddities” about...

London to Grantham – 1939 Film

This video was taken in 1939 and recently enhanced to improve quality. The video provides a glimpse of the Great North Road before many of the towns were.....





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