Welcome to the Great North Road

You have stumbled across my personal research project, a  “scrap book” about one of the world’s most fascinating roads.

Like other Great Roads it brings with it a wealth of history, characters, towns, landscapes and curiosities.

It provides a series of threads which tie together people, places and time.

I aim for accuracy but this website makes no claim to be an objective and reliable academic source.

It is an individual perspective based on a lifetime spent living by it and travelling its length.

My task is made easier by others before me who have embarked on similar projects. In particular:
Charles Harper
Frank Morley
Frank Goddard
Biff Vernon
My contribution in no way displaces their more original works.

“A guide for the curious traveller” – Frank Goddard

If you wish to make suggestions for content, or to point out errors or omissions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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The Rushey Inn, Babworth

Many coaching inns are long gone, falling victim to the ravages of time, changing habits and road widening. The Rushey Inn at Babworth near Retford has been...

RAF Wittering

RAF Wittering is located just south of Stamford, Lincolnshire. It was the “Home of the Harrier” and for several decades has been marked by a Harrier Jump Jet anchored...


The Holy Island of Lindisfarne lies 4 miles from the Great North Road between Berwick and Newcastle. The Northumberland coast is magnificent, and Lindisfarne is...

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