In travelling between London and Edinburgh you will cross a dozen significant rivers. In the past these held a significance which is less obvious today.

Bridges were in themselves challenges for road builders and travellers to cross. And they were also an important part of the inland transport network providing routes east and west from the north road.

River Trent

The River Trent at Newark marks where you cross from north to south, or vice versa, on the Great North Road. Well, that’s my view though some.....

River Tweed

The first record of a bridge over the Tweed near Berwick is of one that was destroyed by floods in 1199. A wooden bridge was in place during the following.....

River Tyne

The Romans built the first bridge over the Tyne in around AD 120 - at about the same time as Hadrian's Wall. It is sometimes referred to as Pons Aelius, after the.....

River Tees

The meandering River Tees is crossed by the Great North Road close to Darlington. Today the A1 intersects the Tees to the west of the town. In the past it was.....

River Welland

The River Welland is crossed by the Great North Road at Stamford. In Saxon times there was a fort alongside the river – and the route north was via a ford.....

River Nene

In Roman times, Ermine Street crossed the Nene to the west of modern Peterborough, close to Durobrivae. The site of the Roman bridge is still evident in.....





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