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Medieval Transport


Knowledge of medieval transport is decidedly patchy. There are precious few maps before that of Ogilby in the 17th century so we have to piece together the picture from...

Medieval Transport2022-01-16T14:31:40+00:00

King James I


A meandering but triumphant journey south along the Great North Road marked the start of the reign of King James I in 1603. It was his first visit to England...

King James I2022-01-15T18:39:25+00:00

Road Building Revolution


The growth of turnpikes after 1700 started to provide funding for investment but it was the road building revolution of the late 18th and the 19th centuries which...

Road Building Revolution2021-05-17T09:07:35+00:00

Edmund Boulter


Edmund Boulter was a wealthy businessman and member of parliament who left his mark on the Great North Road. His properties came to include Wimpole and...

Edmund Boulter2021-05-08T09:03:10+00:00



The first turnpike in the country introduced charges to a section of the Old North Road. Over the next 100 years turnpikes were introduced the length of...


St Paul’s Cathedral


Saint Paul's Cathedral is not “on” the Great North Road – more one of its “bookends”. However, whether you define the London end of the road...

St Paul’s Cathedral2021-04-08T17:27:34+00:00

John Muir


John Muir was a 19th century conservationist who pioneered the national parks concept in the USA. He was born in Dunbar in 1838. The citizens of...

John Muir2021-03-13T11:46:22+00:00

River Aire


The coaches of the Great North Road and todays vehicles on the A1 cross the River Aire at Ferrybridge. The Roman crossing was further west, by ford across the...

River Aire2021-02-22T12:49:25+00:00

Angel of the North


The Angel of the North arose alongside the Great North Road in February 1998. The 20m high steel statue was deliberately sized and sited to be visible to those travelling...

Angel of the North2021-02-25T17:46:13+00:00

River Wharfe


The river flows for 65 miles before joining the River Ouse. Its source is in the centre of the Yorkshire Dales National Park - where Oughtershaw Beck and...

River Wharfe2021-02-19T17:18:16+00:00
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