Emperor Hadrian


Hadrian visited Britain in the summer of AD 122 as part of his first major tour of the provinces. His primary concern was to to neutralise threats to.....

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De Havilland – Hatfield


Many who travelled the Great North Road during the 20th Century will recall the latest De Havilland prototypes being flown above and around Hatfield – and.....

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E M Forster


The writer Edward Morgan Forster lived at Rooks Nest House near Stevenage between the ages of 4 and 14. His time there had a lasting impact on him. In.....

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Henry Royce


Sir Henry Royce, a founding partner in Rolls Royce, was born at Alwalton in 1863 where his father was the miller. When the family business failed, they moved.....

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Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton was born on 25th December 1642 at Woolsthorpe close to the Great North Road near Colsterworth. Woolsthorpe Manor is now a National Trust.....

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George Brown


George Brown was test rider for Vincent in their heyday and in 1961 took the Standing Start Kilometre World Record for up to 1000cc machines with an.....

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