Dick Turpin


Dick Turpin, the “Flying Highwayman”, was famed for his bravery, resolution and generosity. A scoundrel and a thief but also a gentleman who minimised any...

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Road Building Revolution


The growth of turnpikes after 1700 started to provide funding for investment but it was the road building revolution of the late 18th and the 19th centuries which...

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The first turnpike in the country introduced charges to a section of the Old North Road. Over the next 100 years turnpikes were introduced the length of...


London Coaching Inns


By the early 19th century there were 120 stage coach inns within a city which was far more compact than today. Many of the coach services were aligned with specific...

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John Nevison – Highwayman


John Nevison was one of the most infamous highwaymen operating along the Great North Road. His gang of outlaws met at the Talbot Inn at Newark and robbed...

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Ogilby’s Britannia


John Ogilby published an early road atlas of England and Wales. Each of his chosen roads was displayed in linear form. The route from London to Barwick....

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History of The Post


The Great North Road developed as a means of faster and more frequent transport of people and goods, but it was the needs of the emerging postal service that....

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