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Stage-coach History


Stagecoach history is intertwined with societal changes in travel habits, technical innovation, the roots of industrial revolution, population growth and...

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London Coaching Inns


By the early 19th century there were 120 stage coach inns within a city which was far more compact than today. Many of the coach services were aligned with specific...

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Edinburgh Coaching Inns


Arguably it was the Great North Road and the development of coaching services which was the precursor to the emergence of coaching inns and hotels in Edinburgh...

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York Coaching Inns


York coaching inns flourished and had a major impact on the economic fortunes of the city for 200 years. The high point was after the road improvements associated...

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The Rushey Inn, Babworth


Many coaching inns are long gone, falling victim to the ravages of time, changing habits and road widening. The Rushey Inn at Babworth near Retford has been...

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The Angel Inn, Grantham


The Angel Inn traces its roots back to a hostel built in 1203 by the Knights Templar; this was a military/religious order which supported those fighting the Crusades or...

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The George, Stamford


The George at Stamford vies with the Angel at Grantham as the country’s oldest surviving coaching inn. Its distinctive wooden arch over the Great North Road...

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Coaching Inns


As horse drawn coaches and wagons multiplied during the 18th and early 19th centuries, they spawned a new network of coaching inns and support facilities...

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Dick Turpin


Dick Turpin, the “Flying Highwayman”, was famed for his bravery, resolution and generosity. A scoundrel and a thief but also a gentleman who minimised any...

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Road Building Revolution


The growth of turnpikes after 1700 started to provide funding for investment but it was the road building revolution of the late 18th and the 19th centuries which...

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