Celia Fiennes


Celia Fiennes was an early travel writer. She toured extensively through England in the late 17th century. Her diaries describe many of the towns...

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Then & Now


"The Great North Road - Then and Now" is the title of an excellent 2013 book by lorry driver and roads enthusiast, Chris "Wolfie" Cooper. I suspect many of his loads were not...

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1832 Time Travel – London to York


James Fox, alias the Time Travel Artist, includes a little gem of a video amongst his many animated history timelines. Our journey from London to York traces the route of the Great...

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Carlton Reid – 2021 Video


Journalist, historian and cycling enthusiast, Carlton Reid, took to the Great North Road in a Morgan open top car – and a fold-up bike. His video promises “oddities” about...

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London to Grantham – 1939 Film


This video was taken in 1939 and recently enhanced to improve quality. The video provides a glimpse of the Great North Road before many of the towns were.....

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